This is full guideline on How To Buy Public Gold’s Gold  for Singaporean or if you reside over there.

There are 3 simple ways to buy gold or silver in Singapore:

1. Walk in to the Public Gold Singapore Branch

You are welcome to our office located at below address anytime within the operation hour. Meet the staff there, inform them item of gold bars or any product you want to buy and quote my Dealer Code as your Introducer: Haris Halim PG045691.

Method of payment will be in cash/credit card (T&C Apply). Bring the gold back home & you will be 1 new happy gold saver.

Office Address
Address: Blk 824 Tampines Street 81, #01-20 Singapore 520824
Telephone: +65 6763 3999

Service Hours
Monday – Friday : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday                 : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Close on Public Holiday


2. Buy Online

With this method, you need to register your detail first (FREE Registration).

Go to Public Gold Website below and fill in your detail & set up your own password:

Key in 045691 into the Introducer’s Box

Click Submit and you will get the temporary username instantly.

Use that username and password you have set just now to login back into Public Gold website. The tutorial for login is HERE

To make your 1st purchase, pleas Download the Tutorial How to buy Gold & Silver in Pdf Format HERE


refer to my previous post HERE

Special Note:

  • There is also an option call Easy payment Purchase where you can buy and pay by installment up to 4 times.
  • Singapore – Public Gold DBS Bank Current Account : 106-902-589-3
  • Start holding Gold for your Ultimate Wealth Protector by consistently buying gold Every Month.

3. Buy and Keep In Gold Savings Account (GAP)

What is GAP? Gold Accumulation Program ( GAP ) is a method of long term gold saving plan at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 % . You can start accumulate your Gold Bullion as low as 1gm every month. It is the easiest method of Gold Saving Program at the moment.

Three (6) advantages of Gold Accumulation Program – GAP as follows :

  1. You can accumulate gold bit by bit (min. 1gram per transaction).
  2. You buy withdraw any physical gold base on your gold accumulated in the account
  3. You can buy Gold on-line 24 hours without the need to go to the Gold Shop.
  4. You can withdraw the gold at any Public Gold branch in Malaysia
  5.  You can sell the gold back to Public Gold anytime through online.
  6. You can monitor your GAP Account at anytime and anywhere through online.

How To Open a GAP Account

Step 1 : Check Today GAP Price of 1gm at Public Gold website:  (S’pore)


Step 1 : Make payment to:

Singapore : Public Gold Marketing Pte Ltd – DBS Bank Current Account : 106-902-589-3

You can Bank in the price of 1gm or more gm through on-line Bank Transfer or ATM Machine

Note *Please Snap Shot receipt as Proof of Payment and keep the receipt for future reference

Step 2 : Send Your Details & Proof of Payment

*Submit your Proof of Payment (screen shot) together with your particular details below to +65 9 6635 916 (WhatsApp)

  1.              Your Full Name
  2.              NRIC Number | KTP
  3.              Snap Shot NRIC (Front & Back)
  4.              Your Handphone Number and Email
  5.              Indicate “Introducer” PG045691 (Haris Halim)

                        Write the Particulars as in the picture above.

Step 3 :Wait For you PG CODE (Username)

Your new GAP application will be processed within 48 hours.  Public Gold  will send notification through your email or your mobile phone.

If you have any query please contact Public Gold Admin :

  • Singapore: +65 9 6635 916 (Jordan)

or   whatsapp me at  +6019 -3520178 (Haris)

Step 4 : Check Your GAP Statement Account by log in to Public Gold Website after you have received the notification email.

Any query on how to start investing in gold. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Haris Halim
Public Gold Authorised Dealer
+6019 352 0178
PG 045691