What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle ?

The terms “bangle” and “bracelet” have different etymologies. Bangle is from the Hindi bangri which means ring shaped bracelet or anklet. The word “bracelet” is from Middle French brachialle meaning armlet. Possessing different linguistic roots, both words approximate different regional conceptions of the adornments in question.

The most important distinction is that the bangle must be ring-shaped (i.e., always circular, always solid) whereas the bracelet can be flexible.


The bracelet appears to have the more generic of the two definitions, encompassing anything which may be worn on the arm – though more commonly on the wrist. No a fixed form, such as links / chain bracelets , beaded bracelets ,sports bracelets

Bangle — a type of bracelet .Bangle are in solid form: It is ring-shaped . often people wear more than one on their wrist.



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